"Too many people in America believe that if you are pro-choice that means pro-abortion. It doesn’t. I don’t want abortion. Abortion should be the rarest thing in the world. I am actually personally opposed to abortion. But I don’t believe that I have a right to take what is an article of faith to me and legislate it to other people. That’s not how it works in America."

Senator John Kerry, Massachusetts. (via 42emptyspaces)

Doin’ it right.

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"There’s a difference between bro code and being a dick code."
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De León's legislation would make clear that a student cannot consent if they are asleep or unconscious, incapacitated due to drugs or alcohol, or unable to communicate due to a mental or physical condition. →

The fact that we need Legislation to make that clear is a sad reflection on society

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Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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